Massey Hall 1971… Neil’s performance (captured on film) would later become his “Live At Massey Hall” album. During that historic performance Neil introduced a number of songs that would find release roughly a year later on his greatest commercial success album to date – “Harvest”. Flash forward forty years to Massey Hall 2011… another historic event, an equally outstanding performance captured on film, and the conclusion of Neil Young’s Twisted Road solo tour featuring his music from “Le Noise”. Seats in the second row, center stage, at the acclaimed Massey Hall offered the perfect vantage point to experience last nights show. As in previous dates throughout the tour, Neil provided fresh interpretations of old classics and newer material while shifting from acoustic to electric, pump-organ to piano. The stage is Neil Young’s canvas and last nights painting was terrific… the depth of Neil’s talent and creativity continues to blow me away. 

It was also good to run into some special friends at the show… you know who you are. My only disappointment, although just feet away from the stage, I messed up my camera and none of my photo’s turned out!  (Neil Young / Massey Hall, Toronto May 10th & 11th., 2011)

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  1. Trevor…it was nice meeting you along the Twisted Road at Massey Hall. I got a few pictures that I will be sending to you over the weekend. Thank you for your great Museum in Omemee Ontario! Glenn

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