Ran into another Toronto music great not long ago… Mr. Robbie Lane. A former DJ from CHUM AM, Robbie keeps busy these day’s as radio host with Zoomer Radio AM 740… listen to the “Sixties at Six” and “The Seventies at Seven” (See link below). Perhaps most significant, Robbie and The Disciples have been a huge part of the Canadian Music scene since the early 1960’s. Working with Ronnie Hawkins on the Yonge Street strip and putting out hits like “Fannie Mae”, “Ain’t Love a Funny Thing”, “Sandy”, “What Am I Gonna Do”, and many others. Back in the 60’s Robbie and The Disciples also did an ongoing gig as house band with CTV Televisions music show “It’s Happening”. Robbie and the boy’s were hot and put out some of the best home-grown sounds Toronto could offer. In fact, not much has changed because when Robbie isn’t hosting on AM 740, he can still be found performing with The Disciples. For more information on the ever cool Robbie Lane see links below. Photo: by Stephen Hosier… Robbie Lane and T.R. Hosier in Toronto… “our shirts are so similar you’d think we’re doing a show together” … Good to see you again Robbie!  Trevor




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